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Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC offers numerous fine-crafted residential and commercial windows and doors that are perfect for replacement, remodeling and new construction. We will help you find the style that is right for your project whether you are searching for vinyl, fiberglass or wood; we are prepared and dedicated to supplying you with the finest quality products that meet your budget!


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We would like to introduce our superior quality and customer service to you! Our Company Philosophy demonstrates our commitment to excellent customer service, quality workmanship and accountability. Our definition of QUALITY measures a degree of excellence that both include and extend beyond the salesmen and installation technicians, reaching into our internal business operations to ensure performance beyond our customers' expectations.

Vinyl Windows & Doors



The benefit that sets vinyl windows apart from the rest is the fact that their frames are maintenance-free. That means vinyl never needs painting, staining or refinishing. And they stay looking great for years. Aesthetics. Choosing quality vinyl windows that are well constructed will complement the beauty of your home. You can also choose from an array of exterior color options.


When it comes to energy efficiency, vinyl windows are a good choice, as vinyl is an excellent insulator. Air chambers inside the vinyl reduce heat loss and even sound transmission. Keeping your home quieter and more comfortable year-round. Our research has found to save customers up to 30-40% on their energy bills.
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  • Homes where White, Almond or Brown windows complement the interior and exterior.
  • When maintenance-free vinyl frames are important.
Milgard® WoodClad™ Series fiberglass wood windows satisfy both the architectural purist and the realist.

Wood custom if you are looking for wood windows, you are in the right place. With Milgard WoodClad windows, you get a carefree fiberglass exterior, plus the interior rich, warm beauty of wood windows. Our WoodClad windows feature furniture-grade, natural wood in Douglas Fir without a nail hole or staple on them. Seal with a clear sealant or stain to match your existing woodwork. For the exterior, order Milgard WoodClad Series fiberglass windows in any of our factory-applied standard exterior colors. Customize even further with our wide selection of hardware and grid options.

Milgard fiberglass is the ultimate window frame material. Because it's made of glass fibers, it expands and contracts at the same rate as the insulated glass it holds. In fact, we're so confident in the strength and durability of our fiberglass windows they are covered by our Full Lifetime Warranty with Glass Breakage.

When Milgard set out to create a better wood window, we re-imagined just about everything. Essence Series windows are now the wood window of choice for homeowners, architects and builders; and a popular choice for new construction, renovation and remodel projects and historical restorations.

Essence Series windows offer seemingly endless design possibilities. The fiberglass exterior comes in 15 designer colors that fit any style or trend. Interiors are available in clear vertical grain fir, natural pine or primed pine. Seal or stain the natural pine or fir to complement the wood finishes in your home. Or go with primed wood and paint the color of your choice. Because Essence Series has an innovative mulling system, there's virtually no limit to window combinations. Picture windows are available in casement/awning and double hung/glider frames that create a clean, consistent look when used with the matching operating style. The design of each of these combinations will create even sight lines throughout your home.

Essence windows are not merely a ‘fiberglass-clad' wood product, but a true wood window enveloped by a tough, durable fiberglass frame. Our own secure connecting system firmly joins the Essence Series wood interior to its fiberglass exterior for an aesthetically superior appearance with no unsightly nail holes or staples.

Fiberglass Window and Doors

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Low Maintenance/Durability: When it comes to durability, fiberglass is your best bet! Fiberglass windows are resistant to even the most extreme heat and cold and even damaging UV rays and seacoast environments. Similar to vinyl, fiberglass windows are easy to care for. They are manufactured with a long-lasting powder-coat finish that doesn't need painting and stays looking great for years.


Fiberglass windows closely resemble the look of painted wood they don't have a shiny appearance. Available in White, Tan or Brown. White is a great choice because of the popularity with white painted woodwork. Or choose Tan or Brown to complement your stained wood trim better. Fiberglass' outstanding heat resistance allows them to be manufactured in darker colors, giving you more design flexibility.


Because fiberglass offers all the insulating qualities of wood, fiberglass windows are extremely energy-efficient and a great choice for all areas of the country.


Fiberglass is a mid-range choice for homes in all price ranges.


  • Homes where the look of painted wood is desired.
  • When low-maintenance interiors and exteriors are important.
  • Homes that experience extreme heat or cold, or sea air.


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Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC will help you determine what you are looking for when it comes to siding replacement and siding upgrades.

Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC will help you determine the siding solution that is aesthetically pleasing and meets your financial budget. At Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC, we have certified professionals that can best address questions and quotes for all projects big and small. While we try to make our website a valuable resource, we prefer to talk to you in person. At Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC, we have a stock of many options. We have in house professionals ready to give you advice on the different ways that siding can help you accomplish your goals and desires. And we are dedicated to offering our clients the best product coupled with the best performance.

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Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC has been providing services since 1993 and also specializes in Insurance Claims. We are experts in evaluating and identifying damaged windows with our extensive knowledge and partnerships with all manufactures.

We are able to support our customers by providing them with an array of vinyl, wood/wood-clad, fiberglass and aluminum windows and doors. We have found that it is critical to be able to match existing windows and doors with our clients current aesthetics and product. We also insure your satisfaction by maximizing the advantages that you receive by offering the highest quality products that meet all building code regulations. By being involved in the window and door business for the past 20 years we are able to determine your existing product, and are able to best determine if that product is still available for replacement, or if a similar product can be used. We have the experience and technology to get your needs met within the guidelines of the insurance claim.


By partnering with Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC you are ensuring that your customers are getting exactly what they are entitled to as well as maximizing your profits for your business. With each one of your customers we will do a full evaluation of their property to check for any and all damage due to hail or storm related issues. We will take photos of each window/door that has damage followed by a professional quote and evaluation so you can submit to the insurance company. As you probably already know, adjusters tend to not catch all of the damaged areas as well as give a lot less than what is needed to repair the damaged areas. We have been extremely successful in maximizing the dollar amounts that insurance companies will allow to replace/repair the damaged areas by our extensive knowledge. We will meet with adjusters to do re-inspections as well as provide factual data that will substantiate our proposals. The most important thing that should be of interest to your company is how we make you profitable. Because we strictly are a window and door company, we are able to serve your customers with the attention and professionalism they need in order to have a wonderful experience. Also, by having Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC performing all of the work, it takes all of the liability and stress off of your company.


Company will send Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC information regarding new jobs that require evaluation. Company will provide the customer's information including contact phone, address, etc. so Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC can effectively communicate with your customer(s).

Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC will provide a quote to Company, which will include photos of the damaged windows/doors along with any explanation that is pertinent to the job. Upon approval from Company/Insurance Company, the company will email a request for a contract. Upon receipt of contract, a signature and down payment of 50% is required to get the project underway. Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC will contact the homeowner to schedule an appointment for a final measure/evaluation. Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC will order material from suppliers and have a confirmation back from our supplier with 72 hours. Upon confirmation receipt, Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC will contact the homeowner to set up the install date. Once the install date is confirmed with the homeowner, Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC will contact the company to inform them of the installation date.

Once the job is complete, Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC will have a completion certificate signed by the homeowner assuring they are 100% satisfied with the work performed. Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC will send the invoice and completion certificate to the company for final payment which is due upon receipt. Reflection Windows & Doors, LLC is looking forward to working with your company and having a long and prosperous relationship!