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What To Do If Snow Is Coming Through Your Windows

Watching snow falling outside while you stay warm inside your home is one of the great pleasures of winter. When your windows are in good shape, they help keep that snow and cold outdoors where it belongs. But as the seals and window frames age, it’s possible that you’ll notice small snow flurries inside your home. So, what can you do when you start seeing snowflakes in your living room? Here are a few simple steps to follow to help you and your loved ones stay warm.

Make Sure the Windows Are Closed and Locked
It’s easy to assume that your windows are completely closed after you shut them for the final time in the early fall. But that doesn’t mean it’s always true. Older windows can be notoriously difficult to close and lock. And the harder they are to close and lock, the more likely it is that the window won’t be completely closed come winter. Even small gaps between the window and the window frame can let unwanted moisture like snow into your home. 

If you notice snow flurries coming through your windows, carefully inspect the window. Open it slightly and close it again, making sure the window sits firmly in the frame. Then, lock the window and make sure the lock slides home. If it sticks or won’t close all the way, you’ll want to get your windows fixed as soon as possible.

Look for Obstructions
Dust, dirt, and grime can collect in window frames during the warmer months. When there’s enough of it in the window frame, it can keep your windows from closing all the way. This allows the weather outside to seep inside with ease. 

Look at each window you’re concerned about and check the window frame for a buildup of dirt. If you see piles of dust and grit in the corners, clean it off as best you can. If it’s dry, you should be able to clear the dust away with your vacuum. But if it’s wet, you’ll want to use a damp cloth with a non-abrasive cleaner to remove the buildup. Once the buildup is gone, your windows should close and keep the elements from getting inside.

Contact Your Window Repair Team Immediately
If the windows are easy to close and lock and the window frames are clean and free of obstructions but you’re still seeing snow indoors, the best thing you can do is call your window repair technician as soon as possible. It’s likely that there’s damage to the window frame or the window panes and the only way to fix that damage is to let an experienced professional handle the repairs. Once they’re done, your home should be snow-free and toasty warm. 

Keep the Snow Outside
Few things make your home more uncomfortable than an icy cold draft coming in through the cracks around your windows. If you find yourself constantly sitting in a cold breeze indoors or see snow flurries inside your home, don’t ignore it. Contact the team at Reflection Windows and