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Should You Replace All Of Your Windows

When it comes to replacing your windows, you have the option of replacing just a few or replacing all of them at the same time. Both options have their benefits, but for many homeowners, replacing all of the windows at once can be a better choice. These are a few reasons your trusted Denver window replacement team wants you to consider replacing your windows at the same time rather than waiting until each window in your home gets damaged.

You May Save Money
Believe it or not, most homeowners end up paying more for windows and installation when they replace one or two at a time. This is because you’re paying for labor across multiple installation appointments rather than a single session. Furthermore, purchasing windows piecemeal often costs more. When you’re replacing more than a few windows at once, you may be able to qualify for a bulk discount. This can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

The Process Will Take Less Time
Window replacements aren’t supposed to be major inconveniences, but they can still be disruptive to your routine. And the more appointments you have to schedule, the more time you’ll have to spend getting your home ready for the installation appointment. When you replace all of your windows at once, the process will end up taking less time and will be less disruptive for you and your loved ones. 

You’ll Spare Yourself Stress
When you schedule multiple window replacement appointments, you have to get your home ready each time and make sure you or someone you trust can be on hand to let the installation crew into your home. This, combined with your normal responsibilities, can add to your stress levels. By replacing your windows all at the same time, you’ll only have one appointment window to worry about. You’ll spare yourself the stress of coordinating schedules as many times and thereby reduce the amount of stress you’re under.

It May Give You Peace of Mind
When you replace just a couple of your windows, you risk the windows you don’t replace developing problems like leaks and drafts when you least expect it. However, when you replace all your windows at once, you’ll know that they’re all in the same general condition and have been installed with the most care possible. This reduces the risk of unexpected problems popping up throughout the year, giving you peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about your new windows for years to come.

Replacing Your Windows All at Once Can Be a Good Option
If you’re working with a limited budget or don’t want to pay for a full window replacement, replacing just the damaged windows in your home will work. However, if you’re looking to spare yourself the stress of multiple appointments and want to avoid worrying about older windows in your home, replacing all of them at the same time may be a better choice.

Regardless of how you want to replace your windows, you’ll want to work with an experienced installation team from the very beginning. Contact Reflection Windows and Doors today to schedule a free estimate.