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How To Prep Your Windows For Changing Seasons

As we enjoy cooler evenings and the beautiful change of colors around us, we would be wise to take advantage of the opportunity to prepare our home for seasonal change. Don’t wait for “Spring Cleaning.” Fall is an important time to make sure windows and tracks are cleaned and inspected. This is the perfect time to prepare for winter, using the acronym PREP: Panes, Repair/replace, Efficiency, and Performance.

It may seem obvious as you are reading that you would want to ensure that your windows are free of cracks, dirt, cobwebs, and mineral deposits so that you can actually see out of your windows. However, you may be surprised to find what you have gotten used to looking through! Cleaning window panes allows you to enjoy the amazing seasonal changes, and can also make you alert to issues that are more easily addressed before the stow flies.

Whether you clean your windows, or have a professional do it, take the time to check for cracks or chips in your windowpanes. The hourly movement of the sun can cause parts of your windows to heat up while sections that remain in the shadows remains cooler. Your glass expands and contracts even more with the extreme changes in outdoor temperature, especially in the winter. 

Repair or Replace 
One of the main purposes for having windows is to allow people to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without being exposed to the elements. We also expect our windows to let in light, but keep out uninvited guests, including insects. If you find some damage in your windowpanes, frame, or sill, you will need to decide if it is better to repair or replace your window(s) to protect your home and it’s occupants from outdoor elements and intruders.

Observe your panes for moisture issues. It is common to notice fog or beads of water on the inside of your windows as the temperature inside your home becomes drastically different than the temperature outside. However, if you notice condensation on your sill or frame, that could indicate that you have a leak. If the issue is small enough, a minor repair or fill can help solve the problem and prevent further damage. If the issue is larger, Reflection Windows would be glad to discuss replacement options with you. 

Energy Efficiency  
Why not make the most of a windy day? Check your window seals and weatherstripping. If you feel any cool air movement, this is the time to address it, before the weather worsens and your heating bill becomes outrageous. Many homeowners also consider the instillation of storm windows to be a wise investment as it impacts their home’s energy efficiency and increases its value.  

For the sake of enjoyment and of safety, you should routinely ensure that your windows can operate without difficulty. Each change of season is a great time to confirm that your windows can easily open, and close back up again securely. Reflection Windows would be glad to schedule a consultation to discuss your window needs and goals.