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How To Prepare For Window Replacement Appointment

No matter how well you care for your business’s windows, you’ll eventually need to replace them with new panes of glass. While your experienced window replacement team can easily handle the task, you’ll want to make sure that your replacement goes as smoothly as possible. There are a few things you’ll want to do to prep your business for the appointment so the team can work quickly and efficiently. Here’s what you need to know.

Create a Clear Pathway
Even small windows can be incredibly heavy and difficult to maneuver around tight hallways and spaces. Before your window replacement appointment, take the time to figure out where you’ll want the team to enter and move any potential hazards like throw rugs, outdoor carpets, and other tripping hazards throughout the space. When you create a clear pathway from the parking lot through the interior of your building, you’ll help speed up the installation and reduce the risk of unexpected delays in the process.

Move Blockages
If you have desks, product displays, or shelves in front of your company’s windows, you’ll need to move them before the big day. Leaving them in place will slow down the installation process and keep you from getting back to business as normal quickly. You don’t have to remove displays or desks from the space entirely. Just move them away from the windows so your replacement team has room to work.

Keep Customers Away From the Area
It’s ideal if you can schedule your window replacement appointment after hours so the building is less busy. However, if you can’t, you’ll want to do what you can to keep customers and employees away from the work area. Consider putting up barriers to keep people outside of the window replacement team away from the windows. If you don’t have barriers, consider asking a few employees to supervise and keep others away from the site. Once the crew is done, you can open the area as normal.

Remove Any Window Treatments
If your windows are uncovered, you’re ready for your window replacement appointment. However, if you have curtains, blinds, screens, or shades of any kind covering your windows, you’ll want to remove them prior to the appointment. This will speed up the replacement process and reduces the risk of your window covering getting damaged during the appointment. Once the crew is done, you can reinstall the window coverings.

New Windows Can Improve Your Commercial Space
Installing new windows is a great way to maximize natural light and improve energy efficiency at your business. As long as you take your time and make sure the building is ready for the appointment, your window replacement team will be able to get the job done quickly. 

If you’re ready to boost your business’s efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint, and help your employees and customers feel more comfortable anytime they’re in your building, don’t wait. Contact the team at Reflection Windows and Doors today to schedule a free consultation and see how new windows can help your business firsthand.