The foyer is the transitional space of your home, the place where visitors get their first impressions of your house. The entryway is also often the focal point for passersby. As such, this area deserves some attention if you want to add curb appeal.

The doors and windows you choose have a significant impact on the entryway's appearance — and functionality. Naturally, you want a secure entryway that's also pleasing to the eye. Your goal should also be to let in a lot of natural light through your doors and windows to create a pleasing ambiance.

Door Style

The traditional front door consists of wood or wood-look panels and perhaps glass panes. These styles of doors work well for almost any entryway because they're relatively simple. You can update the look with color and hardware.

Craftsman style doors are another option to choose from. These doors tend to feature more trim work and multiple window panes. This style is ideal for ranch homes and other traditional or historical houses.

The arrangement of panels and glass panes can otherwise alter the style of the door. For instance, if you place a single pane of glass in the middle of the door, it takes on a modern appearance. Adding arched windows at the top makes the door classic. Omitting window panes can give the door a farmhouse feel.

The doubled French door is another common entryway choice. This features a wider opening. Style-wise, French doors tend to feel more historical, especially if they have arched tops and multiple panes of glass.

Door Color

The other thing you should consider for your front door is its color. While standard doors may come in only a few color options, semi-custom and full custom doors offer a wider range. Naturally, it's also possible to paint your new door if you want it to conform to a color ideal.

The first choice you'll make is whether you want your front door to be bold or understated. If you're choosing an ornate Craftsman-style door, for example, you may not want a bold color. Rather, you want the beauty of the door to take center stage. However, a plainer style of door can still create wow factor if you choose a bright red or surprising pastel blue color.

If you choose a statement door, you'll have to decide what statement you want it to make. Deep red looks inviting, while deep purple creates a sense of whimsy. A bright blue door can be a beacon, while a navy blue door is chic. Pay attention to your house's style when you choose a color — not all door colors work with every style of home.

Entryway Windows

The windows around your door also make an impact on the entryway.

The side windows should accentuate the vertical aspect of your door. You could choose wide, single-paned windows for a lighter appearance. Conversely, heavier frames can accentuate the vertical geometry by adding weight to the space. Another option is a stack of glass panes, which adds patterning to the entryway.

Adding transom windows above the doors also increases the visual interest while letting in more natural light. Semi-circular transom windows give a classical appeal, especially if you choose fanned trim. A row of square panes can add to patterning started with the side windows, while a single rectangular pane offers a modern profile.

The kind of glass you choose impacts both the style and functionality. For example, if you choose clear glass, the look is more open, but less private. Frosted glass keeps the look light while adding privacy. Stained glass is a beautiful way to add color and pattern while maintaining privacy.

Choose a gorgeous front door, and surround it with attractive windows to add beauty to your house's façade. Visit ReflectionWindows and Doors for expert advice on how to increase the curb appeal of your house by updating its entryway.