Because age is not always a factor, you may find it difficult to determine whether your windows need to be replaced. The following signs will help you decide whether the windows on your home can be left alone or should be replaced.

Whirling Sound

Have you noticed an odd whirling sound emanating from your home's windows? The sound may be noticeable when you’re standing directly next to the window or sitting on the other side of the room. A whirling sound indicates that you have a gap in your window frame that air can pass through. The gap is also responsible for dirt and bugs entering your house.

You can fix a problem with window-frame gaps by getting brand-new windows. The new windows will be energy efficient due to the tighter fit within the casing and will prevent drafts and excessive noise in your home while lowering your energy bills.

Hot or Cold Windows

Try placing your hand on the window to see what it feels like. Windows should share the same temperature as the interior of your house, not the temperature outside. If you have air conditioning running in your house, the window temperature should feel similar to the one the thermostat is set at.

A window with poor insulation is going to transfer the exterior temperature inside quite easily. The temperature transfer can also occur due to the double-pane glass not forming a solid seal, thus letting in outside air.

Condensation Between the Glass Panes

Double-pane glass has a thin gap between the glass layers. Argon or krypton gas fills this gap and acts as an insulator to keep outside temperatures where they belong. You should be concerned when you see moisture between the two glass panes. Moisture there is a clear sign that a leak exists in the glass and that the gas is gone, an absence that reduces the window's energy efficiency.

Leaks can happen due to a bad seal around the frame or from an easily identified crack in the glass. The structural integrity of the glass can also be compromised due to dents and chips.

Physically Damaged Frames

Moisture may be getting into your home through a damaged window frame. Both wood and vinyl can develop cracks, causing the material to become brittle. Aluminum windows can have dents that let moisture into a home.

Look out for obvious signs of damage and see whether there is a path that allows moisture to get inside. For example, damaged wood window frames will be soft or discolored around the sills because of moisture damage.

High Energy Bills

The result of any type of damage to a window is going to be higher-than-usual energy bills. When outside air gets into your house, your furnace or A/C unit must work harder to compensate. Your HVAC system will run for longer than necessary to make your home comfortable, and the extended run time will cost you additional money each month. If your utility bills have unexpectedly increased, you should inspect your windows for damage.

Outside Noise

Double-pane glass will do an excellent job at keeping your home quiet on the inside. However, if a window is damaged, noise will find a way to seep in. Your windows could need replacement if you suddenly hear outside noises you have not heard in the past, such as traffic on a busy street.

These are just a few ways to identify problematic windows that need replacement. If you still have trouble deciding whether you need new windows, contact Reflection Windows and Doors. Our window replacement experts will be happy to give you a professional opinion.