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What to Do About Mold on Window Frames

Finding mold anywhere in your home can be alarming, but when mold is growing around your windows, it can make your otherwise clean home look less pristine. The sooner you can clean it off and find ways to keep it from coming back, the better. But where should you start? Your trusted residential window cleaning […]

How to Get Your Window Wells Ready for Fall

If you live in a split-level home, you likely have window wells for windows on your lower level. These wells help you get more light through the windows in your partially underground rooms. But those wells need routine care and maintenance if you want to fully protect your windows and your home from damage. Here […]

When Should You Get New Windows

By Ashley Messer – September 11, 2018 We all know that houses can’t talk. Even if they could, what would they say? Maybe they would tell us that it is time for some new windows. Well, good news, houses have their own special way of telling us when something isn’t right. Your house might be […]

How Glass Shower Enclosures Improve Your Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom remodels, most people focus on making upgrades to their countertops, floors, and cabinetry. And while updating those things can improve the look and feel of the room, they’re not always the most impactful way to make the space feel like new. One of the best improvements you can make is […]