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Spring Cleaning Tips To Lower Energy Bills

As a business owner, you know that finding ways to lower your utility bills is one of the best ways to free up money for other essential business expenses. However, if you’re like most, figuring out which tasks will have the greatest impact can feel like a bit of a mystery. Your trusted window cleaning team is here to help. Here are a few proven spring cleaning tips that will help you keep your utility costs lower for longer.

1. Replace Your HVAC Filters
During the winter months, your heating system had to work overtime just to keep your space comfortable. All that use means it was exposed to tons of dirt, debris, and pollutants and those contaminants likely got trapped by your HVAC system’s filters. Though it might not seem like a big deal, leaving dirty filters in place can make your system work harder than it needs to and the harder it works, the more energy it will use, causing your bills to skyrocket. Instead, take the time to replace your HVAC filters. This will help make your system more efficient and can lower your energy bills during the spring and summer months.

2. Get Your Windows Cleaned 
Dirty windows can block natural light, forcing you and your employees to rely on electric lights even when the sun is shining. Instead of ignoring that buildup of grime, schedule a professional window cleaning appointment. Experienced cleaners will be able to clean the inside and outside of your windows, leaving you with a clear view of the outdoors and tons of natural light to help you keep your costs down. 

3. Inspect Your Windows for Damage
Though commercial windows are designed to help keep the weather and elements outside where they belong, the seals can break down over time. Once this happens, your business will be exposed to drafts and leaks, forcing your heating and cooling system to work harder than necessary. Let your trusted glass replacement crew inspect your windows for damage. If they find anything that looks out of place or see visible damage, they’ll be able to recommend the best repair or handle a full glass replacement to better protect your business. 

4. Check Your Doors
Most commercial doors have weather stripping and seals to help keep the summer heat and winter cold from seeping inside. Take the time to inspect your doors and clean off the weather stripping. Even small amounts of debris can cause the weather stripping to wrinkle, creating a weak point in your door’s seal. If the door is warped, difficult to close, or is missing weather stripping entirely, you’ll want to get it repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Get Your Business Ready for the Warmer Months
As long as you follow these simple tips, you’ll be able to keep your utility costs lower as the temperatures rise. And the first thing you should do is schedule a professional window cleaning appointment. Contact the experts at Reflection Windows and Doors today to schedule a consultation and see how clean windows can truly benefit your business.